Chris Gravely

Turning a gift into a way of life

Indeed Killed The Pop Star
10:00 AM10:00

Indeed Killed The Pop Star

This is a free, family-friendly event so invite all your people! 

SCHEDULE (Main Stage)
10AM-11:45AM-Community Outreach in Polar Rock
11:00 AM Paul Knight
12:00PM Opening Circle with Everarde Calk, Marc Pimsler and Bhava Devi Mobley
12:45M Yoga with Rayfield Lewis
1:15PM Atlanta Director of Urban Agriculture Mario Cambardella
2:00 PM Afrosonic Liberation with June Moon
4:00 PM Lydia Violet Music
5:00 PM Rising Appalachia Music
5:45 PM Indee Killed the Pop Star
6:30 PM SurprisinglySimple

Market Schedule
1:00 PM Lunch Served
1:10 PM Mario Cambardella on Partnerships with City of Atlanta
1:45 PM Positive Mental Outlook with Quentin Fielder
2:05 PM Z Ronald Alexander Quarles III and Soil Building
3:00 PM Nuri Icgoren Cryptocurrency and Blockchain
3:30 PM Chris Lemons, President Peoplestown Neighborhood Association


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An evening with Bakery artist in resident, Chris Gravely
5:00 PM17:00

An evening with Bakery artist in resident, Chris Gravely

Here’s the scoop on our evening:    

  • The Bakery team is creating a totally unique and intimate experience for us

  • Our evening will feature one of The Bakery’s artist-in-residence, Chris Gravely Ensemble

  • You can expect performances from Chris Gravely with Lo Pararo, Moe Winograd, and George Trotter  

  • Light hors d’oeuvres and refreshments by The Bakery’s in-house mixologist, Severiana Iocovozzi

  • Get your tickets here ($20):

  • All proceeds go to the artists and support of The Bakery community

Featured Artists:

Lo Pararo is a multi-media artist, musician, poet, teacher, and all-around performer of many definitions and dimensions. As a non-binary individual, Lo’s poetic content expresses the human experience behind the eyes of someone struggling to embrace the “flesh-suit” they arrived on this earth in. Body dysphoria plagues so many more people than one might realize, and the more  pressure put on people to live out the gender roles that are expected and assumed by those who blindly follow them, the more separated they will continue to become from one another, as well as from themselves. Lo’s poetry captures raw, human emotion— diving into the depths of existential crisis after separation anxiety attack, & covering the vast array of highs and lows that come about when sifting through this experience one calls “life.”

Moe Winograd is a freelance double and electric bassist, private instructor, and luthier-in-training in Atlanta. He currently performs with the Georgia Philharmonic and the Georgia Symphony Orchestra. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Double Bass Performance from the New England Conservatory. As an orchestral musician, he has performed extensively throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. As a non-orchestral musician, Moe has played in many genres including Jazz, Rock, R&B, Funk, Folk, and Hip-Hop.  When he’s not performing, you can find him hanging with friends and family or going to shows across Atlanta.

George Trotter has been making music in Atlanta for over 30 years. He has played in rock bands, composed music for , and performed in Theatrical productions for stage and film, and is a frequent collaborator with local experimental improvisors. A current fancy is creating dreamy videos and posting to YouTube.

  Chris Gravely is an experienced freelance percussionist of 18+ years. He has studied drum set, hand drums, and classical percussion under various teachers such as John LaMattina, River Gueguerian, Michael Cebulski, Caleb Harron, Stuart Gerber, and Charles Settle. As a soloist, Chris has performed two concertos with the Georgia Perimeter Wind Ensemble, and also premiered works by local Atlanta composers such as Lowell Fuchs and Michael Standard. He has played/plays in a variety of groups such as The Dekalb Symphony Orchestra, Johns Creek Symphony Orchestra, APO, GSO, Loner, The Tin Man, Department 88, Red Waters Quintet, etc., in which he plays anything from found objects to timpani. In addition to being a performer, Chris is also a composer of classical and contemporary music. He premiered his own piece, LIFE, in March of 2017. In addition to his solo album, Chris sound designed and composed the score for Dangerous Women, an immersive horror experience, with The Weird Sisters Theatre project, Sanctuaries and Fortresses, a live dance premier work, Birth of Pleasure, the film adaptation of Sanctuaries and Fortresses, and is currently composing original music for Frankenstein, an immersive theater experience by Found Stages, as well as original music for his own collective.  Chris also strives to show others how they too can turn a gift into a way of life through teaching percussion and drum set in the Atlanta area

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to Oct 7


Come experience a show that will send you on an incredible journey through the eyes of one mans' tragic life story. Based on a true story, Parade will be performed in the Marietta square where the real life events took place at the The Lyric studio in the square.

Show dates & times

Sept. 27        8:00p

Sept. 28        8:00p

Sept. 29        2:00p, 8:00p

Sept. 30        3:00p

Oct.  4           8:00p

Oct.  5           8:00p

Oct.  6           2:00p, 8:00p

Oct.  7           3:00p

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LONER @ 529/Red Waters Music Collective
to Mar 18

LONER @ 529/Red Waters Music Collective

This is going to be a night to remember. LONER will be hitting the Atlanta seen again after being away for many months focusing on brand new material to reveal to the world. 

The Red Waters Music Collective will also be making an appearance as one of the opening acts. Please come out and support this amazing line up for the evening, 

Saturday, March 17th at 529
LONER (Single Release Party!) w/ 10th Letter Ensemble, African Space Program & Red Waters Music Collective + FREE Dance Party After Show w/ DJ Stefan Ringer!
9pm | $7 At The Door | 21+ Only | No Jerks
♥ Irrelevant Music 2018 ♥

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9:00 PM21:00


Come hang out with LONER in Macon, GA! We will be playing at Fresh Produce on Friday March 16th! Its going to be a great show, so please come out and support an experience LONER, the band!

Aliens.. Robots... stars.... stardust......... unidentified flying shobjects........... its alllll happening, baby. Don't be left behind when the mothership blasts off from MLK fueled by the cosmic love juices of


Non-binary post-rock ensemble featuring flute, saxophone and trombone, from Atlanta, GA. Stream "In The Tides of Time" now!


Mani is a 3 piece from Atlanta/Macon, GA making experimental indie psychedelia. Current members include Zach Farr, Steven Ledbetter, and Clark Bush.


doors at 9, $7 cover, WEAR AN ALIEN/TERRESTRIAL/SCIFI COSTUME AND GET A DISCOUNT@@@@@@!!!!!!!!! free entrance if actual alien.

Show time 9:00-11:00p

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8:00 PM20:00

Red Waters Music Collective Experience #3

Experience #3, will be a Night of contemporary Percussion! This experience will host several different contemporary percussion solos, trios, and a quartet. The various compositions of the evening will show how the percussion family can stand alone as an ensemble and not just used to compliment larger ensembles. 

Presented by: Rail Road Earth

1467 Oxford NE, Atlanta GA

Thursday, March 15th 8:00p


$10.00, $5.00each (if you bring one or more people)

Featured Artists:

Zach Benator

TJ Shaheen

Dominic Ryder

Michael Skillern

Red Waters Music Collective


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8:00 PM20:00

Red Waters Music Collective Experience #2

Experience #2 will host some wonderful solo musicians who create the aesthetic of a full band by using minimal instruments and the technology of looping/sampling. 

Presented by: The Bakery

Sunday, February 18th, 8:00p


Zach Paradis

Sean McElroy, Seanie Mac

Red Waters Music Collective


$10.00, $5.00each (if you bring one or more people)

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6:00 PM18:00

Sip + Support: A Fundraising Event

Sip + Support is an intimate performance and tea shop in support of sunday morning at 7's year-long project. We've made special blends of tea packaged in our favorite fabrics for you to share with loved ones or to enjoy for yourself!

The shop is open from 6-9 pm

Performances by some of the artists of sm7 accompanied live by contemporary composer and percussionist, Chris Gravely happen at 6:10pm, 7:10pm and 8:40pm.

All are welcomed, entry is free, and we are accepting donations.

We believe in the transformative power of collectively experiencing art. We are determined to create accessible dance experiences that connect people to their inner voices and to each other

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8:00 PM20:00

Red Waters Music Collective Experience #1

I wil be curating a series of Experiences once a month for the next six months that will be hosted by my newest project, The Red Waters Music Collective. Each Experience will feature two or three different musical artists from all different genres and styles. In addition to the featured artists, The Red Waters Music Collective will also be releasing brand new music each month as well as collaborations with some of the featured artists.  

Experience #1 will be presented by Eyedrum Art and Music Gallery

Sunday January 28th, at 8:00p

Tickets: $10.00, $5.00each (if you bring one or more people)


Josh Loner

George Trotter

Red Waters Music Collective

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to Jan 1

The Bakery New Years Eve Party

Come hang out and bring in the new year at The Bakery! I will be going on at 10:00p with my solo marimba project. Come check it out and allow yourself to be immersed in the music! There will also be some fantastic other live musical acts through out he night, as well as the late night portion of the party after we reign in the new year.  

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5:00 PM17:00

Sunday Mornings at 7 Fundraiser

Sip+ Support sunday morning at 7 with our December fundraiser.

We would love to have tea with you!

Join us:
Sunday, December 10th
at Work Room 5pm-9pm: (1514 Cleveland Ave, Ste 270A, East Point, Georgia 30344)
for specially made tea blends
performances at 5:40 + 7:10 + 8:40
with live percussion from Chris Gravely

stop by to say hello, or stay a while...
entry is free— you can support us when you buy some tea!

sunday morning at 7 is a yearlong curiosity.
We believe in the transformative power of collectively experiencing art.
We are determined to create accessible dance experiences that connect people to their inner voices and to each other.
Artistic direction by Anicka Austin

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5:30 PM17:30

LIFE album release show

I am going to be releasing my first solo album, entitled LIFE. 


1.      Birth

2.     Discovery

3.     Decay

4.     New Life

This project is based on the immergence and the natural order of life of an organism.  This ideal is not limited to that of the human species, or any particular species. The idea is simply based on a living organism coming to be, finding itself (growing), its point of decay(death), and the open ended question of a new beginning after death.  The project is structured in a way that will vividly express each of these stages of life as it progresses.

LIFE is an experience, rather than labeling it as a performance. It is designed and performed in a way that each audience member will be immersed in the story and be on their own journey as it unfolds. The project uses all live acoustic instruments such as; marimba, floor tom, shakers, snare drum, vocals, etc., to create a live loop that the audience is watching take place right before their eyes.  

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