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Indeed Killed The Pop Star

This is a free, family-friendly event so invite all your people! 

SCHEDULE (Main Stage)
10AM-11:45AM-Community Outreach in Polar Rock
11:00 AM Paul Knight
12:00PM Opening Circle with Everarde Calk, Marc Pimsler and Bhava Devi Mobley
12:45M Yoga with Rayfield Lewis
1:15PM Atlanta Director of Urban Agriculture Mario Cambardella
2:00 PM Afrosonic Liberation with June Moon
4:00 PM Lydia Violet Music
5:00 PM Rising Appalachia Music
5:45 PM Indee Killed the Pop Star
6:30 PM SurprisinglySimple

Market Schedule
1:00 PM Lunch Served
1:10 PM Mario Cambardella on Partnerships with City of Atlanta
1:45 PM Positive Mental Outlook with Quentin Fielder
2:05 PM Z Ronald Alexander Quarles III and Soil Building
3:00 PM Nuri Icgoren Cryptocurrency and Blockchain
3:30 PM Chris Lemons, President Peoplestown Neighborhood Association